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1. Androids are everywhere and that includes in the no-contract space.  Some people still have misperceptions about no-contract wireless service, based on characteristics that may have been true before; the differences between contract/postpaid and no-contract/prepaid service have blurred quite a bit.  You don’t need to sign a long-term contract to get an Android and access to the same marketplace as postpaid customers.  Consumers will continue to expect more post-paid type features, devices in the no-contract space.

2. Consumer Alert: No longer is choosing wireless without a contract just settling for something less. No-contract service like Virgin Mobile provides great value, smartphones and award-winning customer service on the Sprint Nationwide Network. And you can save money by getting rid of expensive cell phone fees, switching all or some of your cell phones to prepaid cell service. The average "postpaid" (contract-based) cell phone user pays at least $50 a month to be locked into a long-term contract, and also faces the risk of steep overage charges of up to 45 cents a minute. No-contract plans make sense for millions of typical cell phones users talking 200 minutes or less a month. If you have more than once cell phone in the family, you can experiment by substituting a prepaid cell phone for at least one postpaid cell phone.

3. You may be a good candidate for "cutting the cord” and dumping your landline in favor of cellphones only.  This is a good option for people who make relatively few calls and do not have children at home. It is a great way to save a lot of money if you are facing a financial crisis: You might be spending a combined $100 or more on landline and contract-based cell phone services and could replace that with prepaid cell phone minutes.

4. When it comes to cell phones, don't buy a Ferrari when all you need is Honda. A sizeable market still remains for feature devices showing that affordable Feature & QWERTY devices are still valuable when paired with an appropriate plan.  Monthly offers are also becoming more prevalent in this area of the business, causing a shift away from traditional pay by the minute towards prepaid monthly plans across the spectrum. There are still thousands of cell phone users who “don’t need an app” for everything. In fact, approximately 40% of wireless customers use a basic or feature phone for talking and texting.  payLo by Virgin Mobile recognizes this non-smartphone audience and designs phones and plans for them.

5. Consumer trends we’re seeing include the data evolution growing, consumer preference on data-centric devices increasing, growth in smartphone adoption, voice usage decreases, data  usage increases, more traction in capped monthly category (limited voice, unlimited/high data). There has been a profound shift in consumer demand for monthly plans that encompass more than basic voice and SMS. This growing trend is partially caused by an upward trend of postpaid switchers entering the prepaid category, attracted by an increasing number of smartphones offered without a contract.

6. Don’t pay for what you don’t need or use.  Not everyone needs unlimited calling….because so many of us communicate online, posting on Facebook or Foursquare, texting, IMing and emailing.  Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk plans start at $35/month for unlimited data and messaging with 300 anytime minutes.  Some people don’t even use those in a month.

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