Listed below are biographies for Virgin Mobile USA's leadership team. For interview requests, please contact

  • Jeff Auman
    VP, Virgin Mobile

    As vice president of the Virgin Mobile business line, Jeff Auman oversees operations for Virgin Mobile USA, payLo by Virgin Mobile, Virgin's Broadband2Go devices and Assurance Wireless. He previously handled base management, providing the business with a more holistic view of replenishment and retention for all of Sprint's prepaid brands.

  • Dow Draper
    President, Prepaid

    Dow Draper was recently named president, Prepaid, where he manages the sales and marketing for Sprint’s prepaid brands, Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile and Assurance Wireless.  Previously, Draper was senior vice president and general manager-Retail for CLEAR, the retail brand of Clearwire, where he oversaw the brand’s sales, marketing, customer care and product development.  He also served as vice president of product management, development and innovation.

  • Mark Lederman
    Business Line Director, Virgin Mobile USA Brands

    Mark Osorio Lederman is business line director for the Virgin Mobile USA brands (including Virgin Mobile, payLo by Virgin Mobile and Broadband2Go) with accountability for Brand Strategy and Value Proposition, Product Marketing and Product Management. He has been with the company since 2006, previously serving as director of Product Management and director of Prepaid Offers.


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